MP3 selection from the Belfast Jazz Orchestra's live concerts featuring well-known soloists .
(some files removed due to excessive downloading from Italian game sites!)
May 2002

1.Angel Olive Maiden_2 (mp3, 0.66 MB)
2.Trumpet Battle (mp3, 0.88 MB)
3.Easy Peasy_2 (mp3, 0.86 MB)
4.Just a Fry-up (mp3, 1MB)

April 2002

5.Sudden soak (featuring local talent!, LS, LH, RH)

March 2001

1. Billboard (0.76MB)
2. Laddie buy gold (1.37MB)
3. Padre Pio (1.25MB)
3a.Padre Pio.rm(0.45MB)
4. Robins (1.01MB)

June 2000

1. Occidental joist (1.4MB)
2. Angel olive maiden (1.4MB)

7. Break for bourbon(0.4MB)

Jan 2000

Kentucky Fried Codfish(1.2MB)



Try real-media (.rm) files (slightly poorer quality than mp3), 

August 2001

Indy (mp3, 0.5MB) BAR 12, METRO, BELFAST

June 2001

1.Oh,one jogger! (rm)
2.Peeler (rm)

April 2001

1.Noises off (rm)
(or "don't shoot the pianist, he's doing his best!").

March 2001
2.Laddie buy gold
3.Padre Pio

February 2001
Sammy Orr at the John Hewitt, Belfast

June 2000
1. Occidental joist
2. Angel olive maiden
3. Pedrodi
4. Cradle livery classic
5. Therapeutic moonshine
6. Jangle dangle
7. Break for bourbon


The above are sound files from the Belfast Jazz Orchestra's  concerts at the Belmont Social Club, Circular Rd, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The performances feature exciting and versatile guest players you will hear on the MP3 clips. 
The Jazz Orchestra is now (2010) conducted by Ken Jordan.
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