Jive Aces Take over the Foyle Shopping Centre during the Derry Jazz Festival, 2007
Excitement was the order of the day as blazing sun streamed through the skylights above and the yellow suits jumped and jived as their music brought a lively sparkle to the shopping cloister. This was one band of many playing every day throughout the City, further up the road the sound of singers, vibraphones and saxophone players filled shopping areas and bars. great stuff, great weather!
jive aces

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Jive Aces stage act on the Foyle escalators.
happiness is a double-bass player

Happiness is a double-bass player
at the Holywood Jazz Festival!

Lunchtime jazz with Gay McIntyre band in Derry  featuring a vocalist from Newcastle upon TyneGay McIntyre

jive aces back in BelfastJive Aces return to Belfast, Royal Avenue, August 2007
jive aces in Belfast

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