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consultancy and vacuum courses

Dr Richard Hurley

Consultant in high vacuum science and technology, thin films, plasma and ion/electron beam systems.

I have had considerable experience in both industry and research laboratories of the problems and difficulties that are often encountered in high vacuum processes and am prepared to advise and spend time as necessary where an independent opinion is required.

High vacuum technology: Pumping and choice of pumps, system design, outgassing, vacuum leaks, pressure measurement, residual gas analysis.
Thin films: System design, sputtering, evaporation, thickness measurement, film uniformity, film contamination. Metal, compounds and semiconductors including some specialised materials like DLC, TiN and selenium/tellurium alloys and associated crystal defects.
Ion/electron plasma systems: Sources, operation and stability, contamination, design of beam-lines.

I also give courses on various aspects of high vacuum both at an elementary level for staff training and for more advanced specialisms.

Please contact me if you have a problem:

The Queen's University of Belfast
Northern Ireland Semiconductor Research Centre
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Ashby Building, Belfast BT9 5AH, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)2890 974084
Fax: +44 (0)2890 667023


Graded Vacuum Courses.

1. Elementary. 
For skilled and semi-skilled workers requiring practical working knowledge of the concepts underlying high vacuum equipment and its applications. This course introduces basic ideas including units and measurement in a non-mathematical way, emphasises good working practices and introduces the basics of system design. 

2. Intermediate. 
For technical staffs who require sufficient understanding of the concepts of high vacuum science for system design, maintenance and advanced operation.This course requires an elementary knowledge of maths and physics but emphasises practical working and introduces some applications in advanced technology. 

3. Advanced 
3.1 Research Course. 
For final year students, postgraduates, qualified industrial research staff using advanced equipment and processes requiring both practical and theoretical knowledge of high vacuum science and technology. Maths and physics to a good  'A' level standard is necessary. 
3.2 Process and Design Course. 
For operators, researchers and designers requiring practical working knowledge of advanced systems. Only mathematics and physics essential for understanding and working with processes and system design is required.

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